Activating Research Insights for Business Impact


Date: Tuesday, May 7, 3–6pm Pacific Time | Wednesday, May 8, 8–11am AEST

Instructor: Shipra Kayan

Location: Online

Fee: $150 or $100 if you qualify for discounted pricing

Many of us get into research because we love understanding human beings and want to help businesses design better products to solve the big challenges humanity faces. However, too often we do solid research that does not translate into product or service improvements. We are trained on how to conduct, synthesize, and write up findings; not how to influence or inspire people to follow those recommendations. Most of us are self-taught, or we have learned from our peers, how to navigate the business landscape.

This tutorial will teach methods you can use to involve, inspire and activate your business stakeholders to take action on your research findings. By the end of the course, you will have designed a workshop to run with product managers, designers, and engineers to activate your current research project.

This tutorial is a mix of lecture and exercises. Participants will be tasked to apply the concepts being taught to a real project they are working on currently or have completed in the last year. Most exercises are solo, but we will be using a Miro board so that we can learn from each other and do group reflections.

This tutorial is designed for beginner and intermediate researchers who have had some experience conducting discovery or validation research and presenting their findings. Research techniques will not be covered. This tutorial is suitable for researchers working “in-house”, and for those working in an agency setting.

Participants will need to sign up for a free Miro account, to access the Miro board we will use during the session. Instructions will be provided when you register. Participants are required to pick a current or recent research project to use as an example project during individual working sessions in the tutorial; having details of the project at hand will be necessary. Participants are not required to share any IP or business sensitive details of this project with other participants or with the instructor.


Shipra Kayan is the design evangelist at Miro. Before joining Miro, Shipra led teams of UX Researchers, Designers, and Product Managers at Upwork and Miro. She has led dozens of design workshops facilitating connections and aha! moments between researchers, designers, and product managers.

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How to Register

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Fee: $150 or $100 if you qualify for discounted pricing

Class size: Maximum 35 participants

Date: Tuesday, May 7, 3–6pm Pacific Time | Wednesday, May 8, 8–11am AEST

Location: Online

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