EPIC Special Editions

“We invite you to experience your city as a fruitful place, to radically shift public participation and the function of urban spaces, and to explore the meaning of community through creating and sharing new and abundant resources.”
– David Allen Burns and Austin Young, Fallen Fruit

Get Your EPIC Merch!

Beautiful and unique EPIC merch is brought to you by David Allen Burns and Austin Young, the artist duo Fallen Fruit. They create community-based projects and installations that foster participation and sharing. Like ethnographers, they explore contextualized knowledge and the limitations and boundaries of what is considered “familiar.”

David and Austin sell products to help sustain projects like Endless Orchard. EPIC does not receive any proceeds from sales.

Photo of the Lemon Tote Bag. The bag is a vibrant blue with a pattern of strings of lemons, and a large EPIC logo is a circle indicated by changing of the pattern colors and large yellow letters 'epic' in the middle. In the bag are beach towels, a frisbee, and a copy of the book The Feel of Algorithms.

Lemon Tote Bag

This pattern was created for the Santa Barbara Museum of Art in 2013. The project included ‘Lemonade Stand’, a public participatory art installation about generosity and reaping a harvest that shares within a community. (EPIC logo added just for us!)

I packed my gear with room to spare: two large beach towels, my toughest chew toy, a precision-weight competition frisbee, water bottle and water bowl, and my copy of The Feel of Algorithms by Minna Ruckenstein. Pro tip: easier to pack if you have opposable thumbs.
—Ann (verified buyer’s dog)

Permanently printed, sturdy cotton canvas with natural cotton straps.
37.0 x 22.0 inches, US $48
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Close-up photo of someone with a tote bag over their shoulder. The bad is yellow with cut-out photos of people and fruit combined in collage style. In many cases a piece of fruit appears to be a body, with human legs. The EPIC logo is in the bottom left corner; a black circle with 'epic' in which letters in the middle.

Endless Orchard Tote Bags

This print was created for Endless Orchard, an edible, living artwork and social mapping project, co-created with the public for everyone to share. Communities locate or plant fruit trees along sidewalks and interstitial urban spaces, allowing us to explore, share, and enjoy our cities in a new way.

“Small blue one is for hauling my favorite snacks and some light social theory reading to the park. Large yellow one is for strutting my EPIC pride all over LA for EPIC2024!”
—Laura (verified buyer)

“Well, this is one way to stand out at the all-hands.”
–Anonymous (unverified curmudgeon)

Permanently printed, sturdy cotton canvas with natural cotton straps.

Large Yellow Tote: 37.0 x 22.0 inches, US $48.
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Small Blue Tote: 17.7 x 19.3 inches, US $39.
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Photo of a mug and notebook printed with birds, flowers, and plants.

Mug and Notebook

The flora and fauna on this mug and notebook come from David and Austin’s immersive art installation, The Way Out West, at the 21c Museum Hotel in St. Louis. The images are an index of hundreds of images of native and non-native flowers and plants from local public parks, artifacts from historic collections, and drawings of birds and pollinators. The talking red-winged blackbird proclaims, “Let our voices be heard above the ‘crack of doom’ – and don’t you forget it!”

“This is THE perfect LARGE mug. Be careful or you’ll down a whole French press in no time. I’m definitely not speaking from experience or anything. Do I look like I’ve had too much coffee? Because I feel fine. Really. Fine.”
—Laura (verified mug buyer)

Mug: 15 ounces, ceramic. US $22.
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Notebook: handcrafted, 100% cotton paper, 120 pages. US $17.
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