Welcome to Los Angeles!

Iconic images of palm trees, beaches, and Hollywood are just a small slice of LA’s complex worlds. Both a city and a county, the diverse population of Los Angeles exceeds that of 40 US states. Covering over 4,000 square miles, the county comprises 88 incorporated cities including Santa Monica—our home for EPIC2024.

A beautiful and walkable seaside town, Santa Monica is nestled between three miles of beautiful public beach, the dramatic and surprisingly wild Santa Monica Mountains, and the world renowned neighborhoods, arts, and cultural institutions of downtown LA. It is a beautiful and dynamic – and a socially, environmentally, and politically complicated – place to reexamine foundations, reckon with displacement, and craft new capacities for generation. Fittingly, Route 66 begins in Chicago, site of EPIC2023 Friction, and ends in Santa Monica.

Read more about lodging, transit, accessibility, and what to see, do, and eat while you’re here!


Santa Monica College Performing Arts Center

Main Event August 18-21

The Santa Monica College Performing Arts Center will be our EPIC2024 home. This flagship facility of Santa Monica College includes BroadStage, with three state-of-the-art theaters and a mission to “gather artists, thinkers, and audiences to celebrate our shared humanity and expand the role the arts play in the vitality of our diverse community.” This accessible facility also includes classrooms and outdoor spaces.

Santa Monica Beach Pier

Conference Dinner

Tuesday, August 20, 6-9:00 pm
Tickets $90, purchase during conference registration.

California-Byzantine-Moorish-style fantasy. 44 hard-carved and painted horses and our own carousel operator. A stunning, sandy beach stretching into the horizon at sunset. Plenty of great food, drinks, and a pier full of rides, games, street performances, and other amusements to explore.

Join us for a fabulous evening at the iconic Santa Monica Pier! We’ll gather in the historic Merry-Go-Round Building, a historic landmark from the ‘golden age’ of seaside entertainment. Built in 1916, it housed the first amusement park ride on what was then known as the Pleasure Pier, also the terminus of the storied Route 66. Over the decades, it has served as an apartment building, a community hub for artists and activists, and a film and TV set.

After dinner, you can venture off to Main Street, 3rd Street Promenade, or Venice Beach to take in the sights and sounds of this charming area. Transportation and accessibility information will be made available shortly. Vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free food options will be available.

santa monica beach pier