Visual Ethnography for Consumer Insights

Learn how video and effective storytelling challenge conventional wisdom about tech and offer insights for product design and adoption. 

Wednesday, May 8, 3–4:00 pm Pacific Time / Thursday, May 9, 8–9:00 am AEST
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In a world that has become overwhelmed with the constant flux of technological novelty, it is important to take into consideration how people allow tech products into their lives, how they perceive themselves in relation to others, and how comfortable they are with tech novelty.

What is the value of looking at these factors from an ethnographic perspective in terms of product design and how do tech companies engage and influence public discourse and perception of their products?

In this session, Hasty Storytelling examines a case study on social acceptability vis-à-vis tech wearables. We’ll discuss how video narratives and effective storytelling can challenge the conventional wisdom surrounding tech by creating emotional resonance and empathy, and how to effectively reach internal teams to ensure that they’re considering the user-bystander dynamic as they’re developing products.

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Gregy Hasty
Gregy Hasty

President, Hasty Storytelling

Greg is a market researcher, moderator and video producer with over 12 years of experience in automotive, social media, tech, gaming, food and beverage, fashion, and entertainment. He has worked closely with several Fortune 500 clients including Lexus, Toyota, Nissan, Meta, and Amazon, to elevate the quality of their research reporting through high-quality video storytelling and graphics. Greg’s friendly and easygoing moderating style helps respondents feel comfortable and eager to share stories and opinions.

Victoria Billones
Victoria Billones

Senior Researcher & Producer, Hasty Storytelling

Victoria is a Los Angeles-based writer and multimedia producer specializing in narrative storytelling. She has worked in the Philippine broadcasting industry for over 12 years, as well as a political analyst for the National Institute of Policy Studies in Manila. Since 2019, she has worked with Hasty Storytelling producing ethnographic content that makes individual voices heard. Victoria has worked with a number of top-tier clients such as Meta, Amazon, and Toyota. She is fluent in French and Tagalog.